Robin Gamble Visits

Robin Gamble Visits

It was a pleasure to have Revd Canon Robin Gamble with us at St Barnabas and St Andrew’s on Sunday morning. He’s coming back to Keighley on 5th November and will be preaching at St Mark’s and St John’s. 

Having thought in previous weeks about PRAYER and PRESENCE, Robin took up the challenge to bring the next two P’s to us of PROCLAMATION and PERSUASION. I managed to record him at St Andrew’s and here’s the link to the have a listen Robin Gamble 1st October 2023 KSA.m4a

Those two words can feel quite big for us but I hope that as you listen you’ll be encouraged. One of the principles in ‘Leading your Church into Growth’ is being intentional and making a plan. So with this in mind we are looking forward to Harvest, Advent and Christmas and choosing those moments when we plan to PROCLAIM the good news about Jesus. 

The phrase of Robin’s that stuck with me was this ‘Before proclamation, comes invitation.’ What he’s saying is that as we plan for these moments there is a space for each of us to pray and think who we might invite. Robin was telling how he already has his list of people for the Christmas Carol Service. He reckons at least half won’t come BUT that means that some probably will come! 
This Sunday we’ll be unpacking things a bit more and looking to at how we do the normal things of church but with that intentional focus and planning the moments to tell the Good News! 

Many  blessings