Green Shoots

Seeking to live more sustainably as a church community and as individuals.


Environment Sunday:

 On 17th July we held our Environment Sunday services. We looked at the issue of climate justice, thinking about how some of the world’s poorest communities are being adversely affected by climate change, having contributed to it the least. 

Here are a couple of downloadable documents to help as you consider your own response to the climate crisis:

List of (mainly local) organisations promoting sustainable living – including local refill shops, plastic-free groups and recycling points.

Tips for sustainable living – practical ideas to help you adopt a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Let’s Change the Climate Challenge:

If you didn’t manage to do Tearfund’s Let’s Change the Climate Challenge in the run up to Environment Sunday it’s not too late!. Each day there is a short video to watch, a reflection and some challenge suggestions. The challenge can be found here and can be done at any time.

 A related listen:

The BBC’s The Inquiry radio programme has recently explored the question ‘Is India becoming too hot to live in?’ which looks at how climate change is having a disproportionate impact on the poorest people in India. Click here to listen on the BBC Sounds website.


There are a wide range of opportunities within Keighley Parish to experience, and to be part of, prayer. It is very much the root of all we do in Keighley.


Just like every home, business or charity, we need money to function. While we fundraise at specific events, we also rely on donations and gifts from our members.


Have you thought about joining one of our wonderful teams of volunteers? There are several opportunities to help within the parish throughout the week.

Here For You

However you choose to support us, remember that we are here for you. Whether you’re looking to get married in one of our churches, have a funeral to arrange or are interested in our youth work.