Groups & Partnerships

At Keighley Parish we endeavour to work with the community around us. This means that we work alongside many different organisation to benefit the work that we do. This page highlights those partnerships and how we are working together.

Small Groups​

Currently the churches in Keighley parish run a variety of groups across the parish.

To find out more or to request to join a group please use the contact us form on the website

BSL-Friends Group

We meet together alternate Monday mornings for a cuppa and chat using British Sign Language – or our best attempt at it!  Some of us are brand new to BSL and Deaf Culture and some are native BSL-Users.
We aim to be a community who encourage one another by sharing stories, having a laugh together, and learning how to communicate visually.

We can’t meet at the moment but are looking for ways to stay in touch and to keep learning.  Some ways to do that are:
1000 BSL signs for Christian concepts –
See a BSL version of the Lord’s Prayer here:
or on Facebook, check out the group “BSL Church Worship”.

For more information, contact Tracey on 07850 940079

The Welcome Cafe

The Welcome Cafe!

  • Feeding people – Serving high quality seasonal
    food and drinks on a pay as you can basis. We aim to avoid food wastage
    and use Fair Trade products.
  • Empowering people – Treating
    our customers and volunteers with dignity and respect. People are known
    by name and loved and accepted just as they are.
  • Embracing change
    – Recruiting volunteers and enlisting help from within the café
    community. Offering opportunities for individuals to grow and providing
    training opportunities. Signposting to other agencies and providing
    practical help and support.

For any further information about your might support the cafe please contact, , Natasha.

CAP Debt Centre

With a small donation and big faith, John Kirkby, from Bradford, started Christians Against Poverty in 1996.

Keighley CAP Debt Centre opened in May 2016.  Our Centre has received many referrals and over 50 clients are now debt free with others working towards this.

Our Debt Centre Manager, Duncan Green runs the service supported by a team of volunteers. Duncan is employed by the Parish of Keighley and trained by CAP to undertake the debt advice work. He leads our team of volunteers.

Weekly Church Services​

As well as the groups mentioned above, we also have our weekly church services and prayer meetings. Why not join us?