Parish Vision

Throughout Keighley Parish we aim to be a sign of the love and faithfulness of God in our local community. Visitors and newcomers are welcome to join us at any of our services or regular activities.


Seeking the Kingdom of God for Keighley

In the sermon on the mount Jesus tells his
followers to ‘seek first the Kingdom of God.’

We believe that God is already at work in our
town, our churches, our communities and in
individual lives. The Holy Spirit invites us to
discern this work of God and to get involved.

Through our worship and prayer; in our
everyday living; in our serving and giving we
seek to know God, to make God known and in
the seeking to find that we are found by God.


Sharing the Good News of Jesus

The heart of the Christian faith is not a symbol or a philosophy but a person, Jesus Christ.

As Christians our lives have been transformed by the love of God in Jesus and we aim to share this good news in our words and our actions.

We all have a story to tell of what God has done for us and we each have gifts to be used in serving God, one another and our communities – a response to the free gift that we’ve received that we choose to give ourselves to God.


Growing as disciples together

We want to see new Christians in our town and see those who are Christians being renewed and becoming more like Jesus.

Whatever our age or background we want to be growing together through a deepening sense of God, a wider experience of faith and a fuller understanding of who we are in Christ.

We aim to grow in spiritual maturity, in number, in our sense of community and in the impact we can have for good.

four churches

many gatherings

one parish

More Information

Please follow the links for more information about our weekly church services, prayer meetings, groups and any upcoming special events.