Town Centre Ministries

Welcome Place Cafe

Mission statement

To build a place of community and belonging – an accessible, safe place where people are known, loved and accepted.

  • Feeding people – Serving high quality seasonal food and drinks on a pay as you can basis. We aim to avoid food wastage and use Fair Trade products.
  • Empowering people – Treating our customers and volunteers with dignity and respect. People are known by name and loved and accepted just as they are.
  • Embracing change – Recruiting volunteers and enlisting help from within the café community. Offering opportunities for individuals to grow and providing training opportunities. Signposting to other agencies and providing practical help and support.

Grub's Up


Weekly Thursday evening service, providing a short service of the word with a meal (provided by volunteers), prayer and social support. To support people to learn more about the love of God and to provide opportunities for people to make changes to their life that will enable them to leave behind some of the addictions that have afflicted their lives.


Revd Natasha Thomas, Andrew Parfitt and Henry Pettinger and a group of 5 regular volunteers


There are a wide range of opportunities within Keighley Parish to experience, and to be part of, prayer. It is very much the root of all we do in Keighley.


Just like every home, business or charity, we need money to function. While we fundraise at specific events, we also rely on donations and gifts from our members.


Have you thought about joining one of our wonderful teams of volunteers? There are several opportunities to help within the parish throughout the week.

Here For You

However you choose to support us, remember that we are here for you. Whether you’re looking to get married in one of our churches, have a funeral to arrange or are interested in our youth work.