CAP (Christian Against Poverty)

What is CAP?

A debt centre that supports individuals or families referred by CAP Head Office in Bradford to become debt free by providing face to face visits with the centre manager, Duncan, and a visit team member.

How successful is the centre?

The centre opened in May 2016 with Duncan Green as the centre manager. Since then there have been over 280 referrals made. Of these 154 completed all three visits and succeeded in getting onto a CAP plan and a route out of debt. Out of this, 70 clients have become debt free; about one a month since the centre opened.

How does the CAP process work?

Clients are referred to Duncan through the New Enquiries team at head office. A date is given for a first visit, in the client’s home or in the church office, always 11am on Thursday, when the process is explained to clients. This is followed by a second visit on which the required details are collected and a final third or budget visit when the route forward chosen by CAP is explained and hopefully agreed to by clients. On each visit Duncan is accompanied by a befriender or member of the visit team who begins to build a relationship with the client(s), in order to support the clients between visits and possibly beyond. Each visit also opens up opportunities for staff and volunteers to share their faith and pray for clients and to encourage clients to consider their own faith.

What else does the centre do to help clients

On each first visit welcome packs containing tea, coffee and biscuits are taken to homes to break the ice and to welcome them to CAP. In between visits befrienders may be in touch with clients to remind them about the visit and to help them gather paperwork that is needed while continuing to build up a relationship with them. Clients are often supported at the Welcome Café in the Church Hall in order to ensure clients get something to eat but also have a chance to socialise and begin to heal emotionally. Our centre also does what it can to help clients obtain household items either through donations made or through the charity Acts 435 which supports our work.

In addition, our centre holds three social events a year arranged by our social team led by Lesley, Josephine and Chris. At these a meal is usually provided through the generosity of members of the congregation who may attend the event to support clients.

We also have a prayer team that supports Duncan on the first Thursday of each month and by responding to the requests made through the Church newsletter.

How can I help?

As our centre continues to grow, in the number of people we support, there remains a need for volunteers for the visit and befriending teams. Training is provided for this with clear guidelines supplied to all volunteers. There continues to be a need to provide welcome gift packs to support clients on the first visit and to respond to requests for household items. Our social team would also welcome anyone who would like to assist with the events they organise. There is also an opportunity for someone to attend the Job Centre in Keighley each Wednesday from 10am to 12am to offer support to members of the public who are likely to need CAP’s help (a job description is provided).

Last, but not least, Duncan and the visit teams continue to need your prayers on a daily basis and it would be wonderful if you wished to attend the monthly prayers each first Thursday at 9am.

How can I help?

  • Become a member of the visit team (training provided)
  • Become a member of the befriender team (training provided)
  • Become a member of the social team or attend socials
  • Pray for clients and team members or join the monthly prayer group
  • Donate items for the first visit packs
  • Respond to requests for household items where possible

What items are requested?

  • Electrical – micro-wave, vacuum, fridge, freezer, cooker etc
  • Bicycles
  • Sheets and bedding
  • Good quality coats and footwear
  • Beds, mattresses
  • Bedside cabinets, wardrobes etc

Interview with Duncan

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CAP Corner!

20th October 2022

No visits this last week, due to holiday but three more clients have gone debt free in all cases after 18 months with us. We continue to be busy with visits this week in Utley on Thursday at 9.30am, which is a second visit with a young lady with three children and no support from the father, please pray that this goes well and that she is open to our prayers. Also a first visit in Braithwaite with a Ukranian couple with large debts and threatened eviction at 11am. Please pray that we are able to make a positive start with this couple and that they will be open to our prayers too. Lastly on Tnursday is a visit in Oxenhope at 12.30 with a single lady who has poor mental health issues; please pray for this last visit in particular to go well and that we are able to help her to open a bank account.

We are in need of a men’s mountain bicycle, please let me know if you can help and continue to be in need of first visit packs or contributions towards.


God bless all
Duncan Green